Materials Comparison

Four main types of roll cradles are currently in existence:  those made from Recycled Fiber (molded pulp), those made from Foam (EPS and Duralast), and those made from Plastic (Thermoformed).  Rollguard is the only company to offer you all four.


Recycled Fiber Roll Cradles

Economical recycled fiber roll cradles are made from secondary corrugated fiber molded pulp that is fully recyclable.

Use Recycled Fiber (molded pulp) roll cradles when:

Double-sided roll cradles, available in recycled fiber molded pulp, provide additional efficiencies. Available solely from Rollguard products, they are the first and only roll packaging with cradles on both sides of each piece. Their patent-pending double-sided design makes it easier to stack rolled products by eliminating the need to separate and fold hinged cradles to create the pieces needed for stacking.

By removing the need to double over cradles for stacking, double-sided roll cradles can reduce packaging material usage by up to 37 percent over conventional hinged roll cradles, reducing warehouse inventories in the process.


EPS Foam Roll CradlesEPS Foam pallet

Foam provides the highest amount of cushioning to protect rolled and cylindrical products from damage during shipping, handling and warehousing.

Use Foam roll cradles when:


Thermo 2rollpallet012808

 Thermoformed (plastic) Roll Cradles

Thermoformed is made from recycled, post-industrial durable plastic, a tough thermoformed plastic that is flexible enough to reduce roll indentation, yet strong enough to enable roll stacking, and is ideal for stacking highly sensitive products.

Use Thermoformed roll cradles when:


Dura-Last Reusable Cradles

Dura-Last Reusable cradles are produced from a high-density, highly durable foam material for long-lasting, repeated cradle usage.  These cradles are highly customizable to fit pallet material of any size or shape.  The slightly textured surface resists beading and prevents slippage.  The light weight of a Dura Last Reusable cradle reduces shipping costs without compromising protection of products and delicate finishes.

Use a Dura Last Reusable cradle when:Duralast.


*Tests conducted in Great Northern Corporation ISTA-certified test laboratories.